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Men's Jeans,,,Bovino

Men's Jeans,,,Bovino

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Product Name: Bovino Men's Pants

Description: Elevate your style with our Bovino men's pants, designed for comfort and sophistication. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, these pants feature a classic design with a modern twist, making them perfect for any occasion.

Size Guide:

  • Size 28: Waist 71cm, Hip 92cm, Pant Length 103cm
  • Size 29: Waist 74cm, Hip 94cm, Pant Length 103cm
  • Size 30: Waist 76cm, Hip 97cm, Pant Length 103cm
  • Size 31: Waist 79cm, Hip 99cm, Pant Length 104cm
  • Size 32: Waist 81cm, Hip 102cm, Pant Length 105cm
  • Size 33: Waist 84cm, Hip 104cm, Pant Length 106cm
  • Size 34: Waist 86cm, Hip 107cm, Pant Length 106cm
  • Size 36: Waist 92cm, Hip 112cm, Pant Length 108cm
  • Size 38: Waist 97cm, Hip 117cm, Pant Length 110cm
  • Size 40: Waist 102cm, Hip 122cm, Pant Length 110cm

Tags: Men's Clothing, Pants, Fashion, Casual

Category: Men's Clothing

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